DR Congo
A health worker calls out to communities along the banks of the Congo River to bring their children to be immunized. He is also watching for children in passing canoes. The three-day national campaign aims to immunize all children under five. Throughout the country, warring factions have agreed to cease-fires for the duration of vaccination campaigns.

A man, disabled by polio, teaches at a Koranic school in the town of Jamame. Somalia had only 7 new cases of polio in 2001. Immunizers hope they can eliminate the virus completely by mid-2002.

Singers and musicians like these help motivate health workers and convince parents to have their children immunized. A critical part of the global effort, this 'social mobilization' draws on the entire society to promote polio eradication.

Children disabled by polio and other diseases participate in occupational and physio-therapies, attend school, and learn vocational skills at the Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre in New Delhi. The centre was established in 1981.